SOCIANIS is an online tool to support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups to get the best engagements out of their marketing strategy through the management of content in a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. SOCIANIS will provide you with the essential features to make your brand grow and to allow your content, campaign, or advertising to reach its highest potential.

Our vision and mission

We care about your business success that is why we have constructed a vision and mission statement to explain our aspirations.
Our vision: To be the first and the best option as a Social media marketing tool for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups.
Our mission: To provide the necessary features for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups to make their business grow by providing them with an accessible and essential tool to manage their company's social media platforms.

Our origin story

Before SOCIANIS was a concept, the founders started a digital marketing agency in Mexico. And just as many other entrepreneurs and startups, we were facing complications with getting traction in the digital world. We could hire a content strategist, but we were short in resources due to covid-19. We tried other social media management tools, but those tools were not providing us with the assistance we needed. With the used tools, we were unable to get the best engagement results regarding the content we were creating on social media platforms. There were no suggestions regarding what hashtags to use and how many, lack of content curation functionality, no suggestions on the content length, and more. Therefore. SOCIANIS was created to guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups to gain traction. When you don't know to, we show you how to.

What we
value the most

We understand the struggles of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups that they are facing. Therefore, we have created four brand values that we will achieve.

Commitment: We are devoted to optimizing SOCIANIS for you to achieve your marketing goals, to grow your business, generate leads, attract more customers and create more sales.
Impulse: We will be ready to act upon your desires related to your marketing goals.
Improvement: We treat your feedback as if it was received from royalty and we act in consequence.
Efficiency: We will be equipped with the latest updates for you to achieve your marketing goals with minimal input.