Effortlessly collaborate with team members and clients.

Organize and delegate your work between team members and increase productivity to deliver better results to clients and stakeholders.

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Setup your team in a dedicated environment

Cooperate with team members and clients in a dedicated and isolated environment and never worry about posting content on the wrong social networks, channels and clients.

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Assign roles to members

Determine what each member of your team can access by assigning a role. By specifying a role for a member they can or cannot access or view a resource in your team.

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Divide your team into separate projects.

Setup multiple projects within your team and assign channels and team members to the project, allowing for a more diverse and controlled workflow.

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Get invited as a manager

A client that is using Socianis can invite you as a manager to manage their social networks without having to give you their passwords.

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Track your team performance

Gain deeper understanding of your team by analyzing team metrics allowing you to create fast feedbacks to improve team performance.

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Frequently asked questions

What is team collaboration in a social media management tool?

A team collaboration tool is a tool that gives a team the capability of working together in a coordinated manner with an intuitive interface to manage and execute social media activities.

Why is it important to incorporate team collaboration within my social media activities?

By incorporating a team collaboration tool you can facilitate seamless communication, task delegation content creation and approval workflows to promote efficiency, accountability and to ensure all involved parties are on the same page.

How can my business benefit from using team collaboration?

By facilitating features that inherently come with team collaboration you can foster teamwork and enhance productivity to ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to social media management, resulting in transparent and efficient execution of social media strategies with improved outcomes that benefit your brand or business.

How can my team members collaborate within Socianis?

Team members can collaborate with Socianis by accessing a shared workspace where they can communicate and share their ideas and work together on social media strategies. This includes a shared calendar, shared projects, shared media libraries, shared assets, commenting functionalities and much more.

Can team members communicate and leave comments within the collaboration tool?

Yes, with Socianis team members can communicate in real-time within it’s built in commenting system. Members can leave comments, ask questions and provide feedback on specific posts.

Can team members receive notifications or alerts for updates and changes made by others?

Absolutely! Team members can receive notifications regarding newly created projects, media libraries, library assets, new members being added to the team and many more. Try out our free trial and start exploring all the extra features.

Can different members have different roles and permission within a team?

Yes, a team owner can invite and assign different roles to members. The roles are the following:
Maintainer: Can create, update and remove content, projects, media libraries, assign members to projects, track analytics and much more.
Editor: Can create, update and remove(only created by self) content, leave comments.
Client: Can invite members, leave comments and approve drafts and track analytics
Viewer: Can only view scheduled content

How can multiple team members access and manage social media accounts within the tool?

Socianis facilities a single dashboard that each invited member can access. Each member must login with their own credentials on Socianis and from the side menu switch to the team they want start working in. This promotes a centralized social media account management and collaboration.

Is it possible to maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging across team members?

Absolutely! With media libraries and projects any team owner or maintainer can setup consistent resources to help maintain a consistent workflow and brand messaging across team members.

Can the collaboration tool have an overview of team members’ activities and contributions?

Yes, Socianis offers an activity log to provide an overview of members activities. Think of activities like messaging and content publishing. This promotes transparency and accountability within the team.

Does the tool offer reporting or analytics on team member’s performance and productivity?

Yes, Socianis provides key metrics that allows marketing leaders and social media managers to track members performance and involvement.