Gain valuable insights to increase your brand identity on social media

Analyze social media metrics and generate elaborate reports to establish new ways to enhance your brand and increase your reach.

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A single dashboard to track all your social media analytics

Measure your social media performance from different social networks in one dashboard and create reporting to track your performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Analyze your social media performance in a comprehensive manner

Get an easy to understand and clear overview of your social media metrics with information being distinguished clearly between your social media channels. Quickly scan over performance information to make quick decisions.

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Generate clear and comprehensive reports.

Create and share your social media analytics with clear reports among your clients, team and other stakeholders.

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Automatic reporting

Schedule your reporting to be generated and automatically be sent to your clients by email and their convenience!

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Frequently asked questions

What are social media analytics?

Social media analytics involves various metrics and statistics related to social media engagement, audience, reach, content performance and more.

Why is it important to track your social media analytics?

By tracking your social media analytics you can gain insights into the performance and effectiveness of your social media strategies and campaigns, helping you to understand your audience and gain valuable business information to make informed decisions to achieve better results in your social media marketing activities.

How do I track and monitor my social media analytics?

By using a tool that combines and summarizes all relevant social media metrics into a single view to allow you to make data-driven decisions to maximize your results. Socianis offers precisely that with it’s social media analytics tool.

Which social media metrics should I tracking?

Depending on the goal of your social media strategies you should select a set of key metrics to focus on understand your social media activities better. Some of the key metrics include:
  • Follower growth
  • Engagement rate
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Conversions
  • Audience demographics like location, age and gender

What can I learn about my social media audience?

By using Socianis analytic tool you can gain insights into the characteristics and behavior of your target audience allowing you to tailor your content, achieve more precise targeting and enhances engagement results

What social media platforms are supported on by Socianis’ analytics tool?

With Socianis analytic tool you can track key metrics from various social media platforms. Track your follower growth, engagement rate, impressions, likes, shares and much more on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Can I create and export reports on Socianis?

Yes, with Socianis analytic tool you can create and export reports. You can customize each report with metrics according to your need and download them as pdf’s or images

Can I use the analytics tool for free?

Socianis analytic tool is only available on our paid plans. You can start a 14 day free trial without requiring a credit card and cancellable at any time.